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Independent brokerage and insurance services company.

The support of a strong and independent Group: The DIOT Group


With a turnover of 192 M€ in 2019 and 1152 employees, the Diot group, 7th French broker, achieves 75% of its turnover with companies.
The Diot group is characterized by a cultural client, its independence, its international network and its regional presence.

Diot Rhône-Alpes is one of its regional subsidiaries, based in Lyon, Annecy, Lons le Saunier and Perpignan.
It is made up of 112 employees and generates a turnover of 14.5 M€ mainly with a clientele of SMEs, mid-caps, regulated professions and associations.

DIOT Rhône Alpes in a few figures

€14,5 M

More than 50 approvals
From companies, mutual insurance companies and provident institutions
Conseils de haut niveau
20 000
Contracts managed
Solutions intelligentes
€150 M
In annual premiums managed


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Our Founding Values

Diot Rhône-Alpes is a human-sized company. We have a single, simple purpose – to serve customers well. We provide a consistent, high quality customer service based on our core values of listening, independence, trust and reactivity. We stand out for our ability to become a trusted partner to support the growth of our customers. We listen to them and provide them with tailored effective responses in terms of risk management, claims management and risk management tools.

The absence of an insurance group in our capital guarantees you objective and honest advice.
Each client being unique, our solutions are personalized.
Conseils de haut niveau
Our expertise accompanies you in France, in Europe and all over the world.

Solutions intelligentes

Beyond conventional solutions, we think of risk management and alternative solutions.


An International Network of independent brokers with a common identity: EOS RISQ

 The Diot Group is a founding member of EOS RISQ. A network built to its image bringing together partners with shared values. With 135 countries covered to date, EOS RISQ is the 5th global network of business insurance. Our broker partners are amongst the leaders in their respective markets. Beyond this, we have selected partners with a common culture of independence and customer service. EOS RISQ partners are able to expand our insurance programs internationally with the same level of service.

An “Advisory Committee” has been established to provide our global customers a seamless coordination between countries. This committee handles the management of the network and enforce the respect of the EOS RISQ operating charter and procedures.

It is also responsible for monitoring the work forces and to advocate for “Best Practices”. This comittee includes the following participants: Diot (France), Lockton (UK, USA, Asia, Latin America), Van Breda (Benelux) Assiteca (Italy). The Diot and Lockton Groups are leading exporters for international insurance programs.

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