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Employee-related insurance policies.


Employee-related insurance policies

Make your life easier with solutions in social audit to cover your social, legal and tax risks. We help our clients to implement global service contracts, while optimizing their social protection.

Our approach

To detect and measure the exposure of your business to risks related to social protection (regulatory, fiscal, social, legal, tariff) and analyze the overall cost to your business.

  • Faced with many challenges and major financial risks of different compliances you have to juggle, it is prudent to have a global vision to meet all your obligations while controlling your budget. This budgetary control is however not incompatible with the welfare of your employees, primary capital of your company.
  • As part of an innovative approach, your Diot Rhône-Alpes advisor assists you in the detection and measurement of the exposure of your risks associated with these new regulations, taxation, social and legal framework and the tariff increases of your current policies. Thus, our analysis, comparisons and guidance will facilitate and secure your decisions.
  • You will get, through our Social Audit, a global overview of your risks.
  • You will know if you are in compliance on conventional, fiscal and social levels.
  • You will know the points of improvement, financial impacts and the overall cost of your business plans and actions needed (arrangement guarantees, optimization of the overall budget of business plans), especially within the set timetable by securing the employment Act.
  • An easy implementation with visible results:
    • Diot Rhône-Alpes collect the necessary data for the audit
    • The analysis of the statistical data enable to take a “picture” and get an instant understanding of the situation in order to exchange internally, decide and act.
    • Diot Rhône-Alpes issues a full report with our recommendations and comparative optimization solutions.

Our approach to social protection

  • DIAGNOSE: Detection and measurement of your company’s exposure to social, legal and fiscal risks
  • DESIGN: Based on our diagnosis, consultancy and development of a customized solution insuring risks, prevention and services.
  • TRADE:  Search and selection of the best investment risk conditions under mandates from our clients
  • SUPPORT: A single contact with a dedicated team of experts that supports you for legal monitoring, social communication, and so forth.
  • MANAGE:  We provide a quality day-to-day monitoring for the management and the repayment of benefits
  • DRIVE:  We provide indicators of consumption, technical and legal tools, analysis and recommendations to control and balance your budget in the long term.

Our service offer 

  • Analyze and understand the challenges of your environment
  • Make sure you get visibility and control
  • Manage and guaranty a quality day-to-day monitoring
  • Manage your policies on the long term.
  • Manage and communicate your social issues
  • Ensure your interests independently
  • Legal monitoring

The customer benefits

  • To optimize your resources, your budget and your time
  • To meet your obligations
  • to ensure compliance of your social safety nets
  • A swift customer service: easy implementation, refund within 48 hours …
  • To get the assurance of an accessible, continuous and sustainable service
  • To protect your employees against the hazards of life
  • To foster a beneficial social climate

The Men :

  • Self employed welfare plan
  • Self employed Health insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Unemployment of managers
  • Individual Accident
  • Support for professional mission
  • Expatriation / Detached
  • Social audit
  • Mortgage
  • kidnapping/ Ransom
  • Retirement (Article 83- Article 39 Madelin- …)
  • dependent care insurance

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