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DIOT Rhône Alpes brings the best service to instruct your claim files.

The compensation service is an essential service for business that allows us to demonstrate our know-how and added-value. It isa fundamental value that drives us to defend and get compensation for all of our claims when they enter the contractual scope. This service also allows you, through the work of analysis and consulting from our experts, to understand the relevance of your risks coverage.

We work daily with several networks of lawyers and experienced experts, as well as risk prevention specialists in France but also abroad. Our commitment allows us to bring forward the most appropriate solutions during each stage of the life of the claim.

Our services :

Step 1 – Our commitments prior to the occurrence of a claim

During this phase, it is important to take preventive measures to avoid or reduce risks and to jointly define appropriate management procedures for your needs. To do this, we work with a network of highly skilled specialists with recognized expertise. Starting from requirements specifications, they will provide you with a complete and detailed report which will enable our subscription department to adjust the coverage of your risks and to avoid any unnecessary expense.

Step 2 – Our commitments after the occurrence of a claim

  • Contact you within 24 hours following the notification of the claim: we provide recommendations on actions to be taken, information on the application of guaranties of the contract, fill the files.  For complex claims: we elaborate a strategy of presentation of the file to the insurer to maximize the compenation.
  • In case of declaration of the claim, commission very quickly an expert and / or lawyer, both recognized specialists.
  • If the claim is not within the scope of the contract, we provide our assistance for a “Off” instruction especially in the context of recourse against a third party.
  • Be proactive in order to minimize the financial and reputational impact of a claim.
  • Ensure regular monitoring across all stages of the process to the final and fair settlement of your case.

Step 3 – Our commitments after the settlement of a claim

  • We analyze claims data to identify the causes and, through feedback, find the best solutions to reduce the number of claims in terms of both  importance and frequency.
  • We address to you customized and commented claim statistics.
  • We meet regularly with you in order to find solutions that will allow you to reduce the claim ratios of your policy whenever possible.

Our strategy:

We hire only experienced lawyers, we train them throughout their career to ensure a quality service.
Our firm has also delegations from major market players. Reducing the number of participants in a claim process allows us to provide our customers with a greater fluidity during the investigation of their files.

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