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Property damage and business interruption.


Property damage and business interruption: Protecting the assets and future of our client companies.

Companies, regardless of size, must protect their asset, their balance sheet and their income statement. Diot Rhône-Alpes, a fully-owned subsidiary of the leading French broker in business risks -The Diot Group -, is committed to provide each of its customers with a specific service, tailored to its structure and processes whether it is an SME / SMI or an International Group.

Whether you are a national or an international company: a team is committed to helping you develop the insurance program that fits your needs in France and worldwide. This team will be assigned to you on the long run.

The property damage department is leveraging its experience, expertise and resources to offer the quality of service expected. Our specialists allow you to make the best choice for the best price.

Our services :

Adapting to your needs

We visit your facilities in order to (i) identify the exposure to risks such as fire, explosion, machine breakage, natural disasters, theft …, that could harm the assets of your company (building, equipement, marchinery, goods,..) and (ii) assess the potential operating losses, loss of gross profit and additional costs following the partial or total shutdown of the activity following a covered loss.
This analysis allows to evaluate the nature and amount of guaranties needed.

With you, we adjust the retention level (deductibles, self insurance), we determine the amount of risk that should be retained or transferred to insurers and if needed we propose and elaborate an alternative programme. All insurers and reinsurers that we include in a tender offer meet the requirements of quality and solvency that we impose.

We can provide solutions if your current insurance doesn’t cover you adequately:

  • The modality of compensation for property insured at replacement value or obsolescence does not match your expectations.
  • The operating loss guaranty doesn’t match your risks and the guaranty of additional cost doesn’t cover them either.

The programs implemented by Diot Rhône-Alpes along with its international network EOS RISQ, both in France and worldwide, are written by us. This enables to achieve a perfect harmony between your needs and your insurance programme.

A dedicated and responsive team

Our dedicated team is at your disposal every day for any development of your programs.
Information meetings are organized at the pace desired by your company or group (updating values, guaranties, alerting if necessary, monitoring your claims and recovery…).

We provide constant monitoring of your guarantees and guide you in the elaboration of all your files. In case of major and complex events, our “compensation” specialists stay with you during on-site observations, expert meetings and compensation operations. Our technicians are well-known on the market for their expertise and negotiating skills.

A prevention consultancy enables to adapt effectively the guaranty

We visit your venues. These audits help to make a diagnosis of the level of protection and prevention needed in order to optimize the security level. We can also provide other services such as:

  • Writing detailled specifications for the protection of buildings, installations or facilities
  • Prioritizing risks to cover
  • Monitoring installations
  • Insurance consulting on future projects

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